Lopes Injury Law handles cases where people have suffered injuries following a slip and fall accident in a grocery store, supermarket, a department store, mall or any private placed of business.  Such accidents can and often do result in serious injuries, especially if the victim was an older person or a pregnant woman.   Customers can get injured while entering, during their time inside or while leaving the premises. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact Lopes Injury Law. 

You may be entitled to compensation under Georgia laws. 

Typical Causes of Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents 

Accidents are usually the result of someone’s fault or negligence. That someone is generally the business owner or other occupier of property.  They can also happen because of a deliberate violation of safety-norms due to cost-cutting etc.  Some accidents happen because the owner/occupier was unaware of the safety-norms.  However, all these reasons do not reduce their liability or responsibility for ensuring safety.

Typical reasons include:

  • Slick/wet/uneven floor
  • Liquid spills/puddles from air-conditioning units
  • Unsalted/Un-sanded parking lots, entrances, exits
  • Poorly-lit areas
  • Unanchored mats/floor-coverings/rugs
  • Missing/damaged tiles
  • Malfunctioning elevators/escalators
  • Raised ledges/unmarked level changes
  • Potholes/cracks
  • Trash/debris
  • Missing hand-rails/fencing
  • Lack of warning-signs
  • Badly-maintained stairs/steps

What Next? 

A few important steps enhance your chances of compensation from the owners/occupiers. They also help you to protect yourself and provide proof of the  owner’s/occupier’s liability. 

  • Report the accident immediately to someone in authority
  • Never confront anyone on site
  • Take photos of the location and cause of the accident
  • Note time, date, address
  • Get contact details of witnesses if any
  • Avoid posting on social media
  • Avoid making admissions, apologies, submissions, recorded statements
  • Immediately visit a doctor, assess your injuries, and follow medical advise.
  • Preserve all bills/receipts
  • Avoid dealing with at-fault parties unless you have legal advice 

We’ll Fight For You! 

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