Premises Liability law is generally determined under the following conditions:

  • Someone visits another person’s or business’ property for a legitimate reason and may slip or trip and fall, be victimized by a care-giver, be attacked, or become falsely accused of a crime;
  • Injuries are caused, which result in physical, financial and emotional damage to the injured victim;
  • The premises owner or occupier is responsible for keeping the premises in a reasonable state of safety, but they may have breached this responsibility through their negligence or fault; and
  • The premises owner or occupier must compensate the injured victim for the injuries directly caused by the accident.

The property may be a residential, privately-owned or commercial property, such as a hotel, department store, office building, or the local grocery store.  It may even be owned by the local municipality or by the government.

How We Can Help 

Lopes Injury Law can evaluate your claim and provide you with a swift, genuine and comprehensive assessment of the merits of your case.  We can advise you on the complex legal, medical and insurance issues, protect your rights and interests and ensure that we aggressively present a claim or case backed by evidence

What Next? 

A few important steps enhance your chances of compensation from the owners/occupiers. They also help you to protect yourself and provide proof of the owner’s/occupier’s liability. 

  • Report the accident immediately to someone in authority
  • Never confront anyone on site
  • Take photos of the location and cause of the accident
  • Note time, date, address
  • Get contact details of witnesses if any
  • Avoid posting on social media
  • Avoid making admissions, apologies, submissions, recorded statements
  • Immediately visit a doctor, assess your injuries, and follow medical advise.
  • Preserve all bills/receipts
  • Avoid dealing with at-fault parties unless you have legal advice 

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